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My goal was to create a simplified version of this technology for everyday use. My background in fluid dynamics and my experience as a pipe maker combined to create the Helix, which works off of Bernoulli’s principle of venturi to reproduce that cool air stream I first experienced in Bob Snodgrass living room.

In 2007, the Helix design was well received all around Texas, and quickly became the top selling hand piece in most shops. Finding that I could not keep up with production the search began for a partner in 2008. That partnership began in Austin with a burgeoning manufacturer/distributor. Together, we grew the Helix to be the #1 selling hand pipe in American in 2010.

As in some partnerships, our goals and ideals began to differ. I pulled away in 2012 to start a company that focused on quality, in both our pieces and our relationships with our retailers. That company has grown into American Helix.

-William Menzies Jr.

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